7 Things to Do In Mackinac Island (Find Out!)

7 Things You Should Do at Mackinac Island

7 Things to Do In Mackinac Island (Find Out!)

Are you looking for some fun things to do while visiting Mackinac Island? Well, you are in luck because I am here to tell you all about the exciting activities that are available on this beautiful island.

From outdoor adventures like biking and kayaking to exploring one of Michigan’s oldest fortresses – there is something for everyone on Mackinac Island. So let’s get started with my list of the top 10 must-see attractions.

7 Things You Should Do at Mackinac Island


  • Biking & Kayaking
  • Fort Mackinac & Historic Sites
  • Shopping & Dining
  • Horseback Riding
  • Island Touring
  • The Grand Hotel & Gardens
  • Outdoor Activities & Attractions

7 Things You Should Do at Mackinac Island

  1.   Biking & Kayaking

Biking and kayaking are two of the best activities to do on Mackinac Island. There is nothing like exploring this beautiful island on two wheels or paddling around its shoreline in a kayak. 

The roads here are perfect for biking – they are flat and incredibly scenic, with plenty of places to stop along the way.

 Plus, you don’t have to worry about cars since vehicles aren’t allowed on the island. Kayaking is also amazing; there are lots of opportunities to spot wildlife while enjoying some peaceful time on the water. You can even take a guided tour if you’d like more information about what you’re seeing. 

The views from both biking and kayaking will not disappoint. Whether it is taking in the breathtaking sights of Lake Huron or watching as horse-drawn carriages make their way through town, every moment spent here is sure to be memorable.

Now and then you’ll even catch glimpses of Fort Mackinac off in the distance – that alone makes these activities worth doing! And don’t forget your camera so you can capture all those special moments for yourself.

With so much beauty surrounding them, it is no wonder why biking and kayaking remain popular activities among visitors to Mackinac Island.

If you want an up-close experience with nature that won’t break your budget, these two activities should be at the top of your list when planning your trip!

  1.   Fort Mackinac & Historic Sites

I love exploring Fort Mackinac and the other historic sites on the island. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to walk around and learn about this place that has so much history! Here are some of my favorite things I like to do:

  1. Touring Fort Mackinac: This is a must-see when visiting Mackinac Island. The fort offers guided tours that give you a great overview of its history, architecture, and how it was used in the past.
  2. Visiting Arch Rock: One of the most iconic spots on the island, Arch Rock is a stunning natural formation located near Mission Point Resort. You can get up close and personal with nature here as you take in the beautiful views from atop the rock formation.
  3. Exploring Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse: Another popular attraction for visitors is the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, which dates back to 1892. Climb up all 114 steps and admire the wonderful view at the top!

You can experience what life on Mackinac Island was like centuries ago by visiting these historical sites-a truly unique experience. 

  1.   Shopping & Dining

Shopping and dining on Mackinac Island is an experience like no other. There are a variety of unique shops to explore, from boutique clothing stores to galleries filled with art and souvenirs.

If you are looking for something special that captures the essence of the island, this is the place to find it! The shopping district is also home to several delicious restaurants featuring both traditional American cuisine and dishes inspired by local flavors. 

Whether you are in the mood for fine dining or grabbing a quick bite on the go, there is something here for everyone.

Between exploring all the sights and taking part in outdoor activities, don’t forget about treating yourself to some retail therapy – Mackinac Island has plenty of options when it comes to shopping and dining.

With so much to see and do, you will have plenty of opportunities to try new things while enjoying your time on the island.

  1.   Horseback Riding

When you have had enough browsing through shops and sampling different foods, why not take advantage of all these picturesque surroundings? Horseback riding around Mackinac Island offers stunning views combined with fun memories that last forever – perfect for couples or families alike. 

Horseback riding on Mackinac Island is a unique experience. The island has no cars or motorized vehicles, so the only way to get around is by horse and carriage. 

I had the chance to explore some of its trails while on a guided tour with an experienced wrangler who shared stories about the area’s history and culture. 

The views were breathtaking as we rode along, taking in the beauty of nature all around us — from lush fields full of wildflowers to breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. 

There was something special about being able to take it all in at a slower pace, without worrying about traffic or time constraints. We even stopped for a picnic lunch!

Riding through Mackinac Island was truly an unforgettable experience that I will never forget. It allowed me to see parts of this beautiful place that are often overlooked when traveling by car.

  1.   Island Touring

I arrived at Mackinac Island with no expectations, and the moment I stepped off the ferry my eyes were immediately drawn to the picturesque beauty that surrounded me. The streets felt timeless, like something you would find in a fairytale. 

It was almost surreal – within moments, I had already fallen head-over-heels for this charming island. Touring around by bicycle or on foot is one of the best ways to experience all that Mackinac has to offer. 

You can explore its bustling downtowns and historic landmarks such as Fort Mackinac State Park and Mission Point Resort.

Or perhaps take a leisurely ride out into nature along M-185’s 8.2 miles of car-free roadway that takes you through lush forests, pristine beaches, and majestic bluffs overlooking Lake Huron. With so much to see here, there’s never a dull moment!

No matter how long your stay may be, exploring the natural wonders of Mackinac Island will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

From awe-inspiring views of the Great Lakes region to discovering hidden gems tucked away in its unique history – it is easy to become captivated by this special place.

After exploring Mackinac Island, you can go to the nearby jackpinelumberjackshows located just across the famous Mackinac Bridge. The lumberjacks will surely entertain you and provide you with a glimpse into Michigan’s history.


  1.   The Grand Hotel & Gardens

I love the Grand Hotel & Gardens on Mackinac Island. The hotel itself is breathtaking, with its rich red and white painted facade standing out against the blue sky. Inside, it is even more beautiful. The large lobby has a classic feel to it while still being modern in design. 

Plus, there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view outside – from the front porch chairs to the balcony overlooking Lake Huron.

The gardens at this incredible hotel offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to sit or an outdoor activity like croquet or lawn darts, you will find something here that will fit your needs perfectly.

There is also a playground area for kids and trails leading through lush vegetation so you can explore nature up close. You won’t want to miss out on spending some time surrounded by such beauty!

No visit would be complete without dinner at one of their many restaurants. From fine dining options like Jockey Club Restaurant and Grand Luncheon Buffet to casual pubs like Gatehouse Bar & Grill, there is something for every palate. 

And if you are feeling extra special, make sure to check out Sunday brunch at their iconic Cupola Room where you can enjoy panoramic views of Little Stonegate Straits as you dine! With all these amenities available, it’s easy to see why I keep coming back year after year.

The next stop? Exploring all that Mackinac Island has to offer in terms of outdoor activities and attractions! 

  1.   Outdoor Activities & Attractions

It is no coincidence that I love to spend time outdoors when visiting Mackinac Island. Everywhere you look, there is something new and exciting to explore. From horseback riding on the picturesque trails around the island to a leisurely bike ride down Main Street or along one of its many scenic beaches, outdoor activities abound in this beautiful destination.

If you are looking for something more adventurous, why not try parasailing? Several charter companies are offering amazing views of the surrounding landscape as you soar hundreds of feet above it all.

Or if fishing is your thing, head out onto Lake Huron or the Straits of Mackinac with an experienced guide who can take you straight to where the fish are biting!

No matter what type of activity suits your fancy, there will be plenty to do and see while visiting Mackinac Island. So grab some sunscreen (or maybe even a light jacket depending on the season!) and get ready for some fun in the sun – or snow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Child-Friendly Activities Available?

Yes, there are plenty of child-friendly activities available! Mackinac Island is home to a variety of fun and exciting attractions that are perfect for kids. Playing croquet, horseback riding, and taking a tour on a tall ship are just some of the fun things your little ones will enjoy while exploring this island.

Is There Public Transportation To Get Around The Island?

Getting around Mackinac Island is different from getting around the city. Since motorized vehicles are not permitted on the island, the most popular methods of transportation are walking, bicycling, and horse-drawn carriages.

Are There Any Guided Tours Available?

Yes, there are guided tours available on Mackinac Island! There IS a variety of options to choose from depending on your interests. 

If are looking for an educational experience, try the Grand Hotel History Tour or the Native American and Colonial History Tour.

For those who want to explore nature more, take the Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour—it covers the entire island and offers spectacular views along the way. No matter what kind of tour you decide on, it will be sure to leave you with lasting memories!


It is easy to see why Mackinac Island is such a popular destination. From the stunning views to the wide range of activities available, there truly is something for everyone. With its child-friendly attractions and guided tours, it is an ideal spot for a family getaway.

For those seeking more nightlife action, plenty of exciting events are held throughout the year that will make your stay even more memorable.

Whether you are looking for some outdoor fun or just want to relax by the lake, Mackinac Island has all kinds of options for making lasting memories. So come on down and explore this wonderful paradise!

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